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Pedro Castro Senior editor

Movier is aimed to help you save and convert Internet videos. The program supports searching on five popular video sharing sites; in addition, you can create new download jobs by adding a single URL or a whole list of addresses from the clipboard. Another way to save videos consists in exploring your browsers’ caches in search of already downloaded clips.
Four of the most popular browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera - are supported.

The program can also convert your videos automatically after downloading them. Moreover, you are allowed to convert any other video file stored on your local drives. The program comes with several presets in terms of output formats, but if these presets do not meet your needs, you can create and save new ones.

This application’s interface is not very attractive and the functions of some of the tabs can be somewhat confusing at first. However, once you get to know how to use the program, everything will turn out really simple. The program can be configured to save you from doing the same thing every time you start a new task. For example, you can set a default quality to download when a movie is available in different qualities. You can also limit the number of simultaneous downloads as well as the download speed, in order to minimize the negative impact of the application on your general browsing speed. Moreover, the program can be minimized to the system tray while it's doing its job.

In general, Movier comprises several useful functions related to movie downloading and conversion. It can perform both tasks accurately and fast. Unfortunately, I think its interface needs to be redesigned to make it more intuitive and eye appealing.


  • It supports batch downloading.
  • Has several conversion profiles.
  • It allows creating new profiles.


  • The interface is unattractive.
  • It does not monitor browsers for downloadable contents.

Publisher's description

This program captures and downloads the videos you see on almost any site, like YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Megavideo, blogs with videos, newspapers, television websites, etc…

Simply copy and paste the address of the page that contains the videos and Movier will be downloaded them instantly.

Movier can download the videos to any format you specify (avi, wmv, flv, mp4, …)

With Movier you won’t miss a video, since it incorporates several ways to download videos:

- Supports a large number of websites such as Youtube, Google Video, Metacafe, MySpace, DailyMotion, Yahoo Video, Pornotube, Megavideo, ...

- Movier has a feature that monitorize the videos you view on your browser while you navigate and automatically it downloads the videos while you're watching them to the folder you have configured, and convert the videos to avi or any format you specify.

- If you recently saw a video you would like to recover, Movier shows you the videos that are saved in the web browser cache(Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Chrome) and allos to recover them and save them on any format.
Movier incorporates a powerful search engine for videos that connects to the main Internet media providers to locate and download any video.

Movier can also be used as a powerful video converter, videos stored on your hard disk can be converted to another format easily.

If you see videos on YouTube or any other website and you want to get only the audio, you can save only the mp3.
Movier is provided with a plugin for Explorer and Firefox installation option that makes the browser itself can start downloading the videos on the page you are viewing, or begin to monitor the navigation to be recording all the videos that vas watching.

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    Abul Qayyim 2 years ago

    How to change video searcher, for example, if I want to change from YouTube to video Yahoo?

  • 1
    Guest 3 years ago
    — inprove in next varsin
    Pros: good
    Cons: no option to delete browser catch video

    No option to delete browser catch video.


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